About us

Hot-air balloon flight is not only work, but a passion and a way of life for us. We have experienced over two decades of wonderful times literally above the ground. We want to share these experiences with our customers. For us: service, real personal contact, working together, enjoying even the small aspects of life here and now are important to us.

During the hot-air balloon flight you are a part of the event: putting up the balloon, viewing the beautiful scenery all around, packing the balloon together at the landing site, and enjoying the freshly homebaked bread with coffee, tea and champagne.

Our goal is not to expand our business, even though for many years, we have remained one of the largest hot-air balloon companies in Finland. We aim instead to develop quality and service, while taking into consideration environmental issues in our activities.

We want our every flight to be a special and festive occasion for the participants.

Fly with our pilot to the skies!

The Aerohot pilot is Austrian born Hartmann Abendstein who has lived in Finland since 1986. He has years of versatile experience of hot air balloon flights and public flights. He is a pioneer among large passenger balloon pilots in Finland.

Hartmann has participated in many hot air balloon competitions in Finland and abroad. Among his accomplishments can be mentioned long distance flight competition wins in the years 2000, 2001 and 2005 and the long distance flight Finnish record of 319,44 kms from 2004. In addition Hartmann has competed in several international ballooning events, for example flying annually during the winter in the Austrian Alps while the ballooning season is on hold in Finland due to the weather conditions.

At your service

Elina runs the Aerohot office, receives the flight reservations and takes care of booking the passengers for the flights. She is glad to answer any questions by phone or e-mail. Elina bakes the breads and prepares the picnic with drinks for the balloon trip.

Welcome aboard Aerohot’s hot-air balloon flights!

Hartmann ja Elina Abendstein

Reservations and more information about hot-air balloon flights:
+358 (0)400 937 778 (office times 9.30–16.30)