Meeting before the flight

We meet for the flight at the Malmi airport (red dot on the map).
The landmark is the fountain next to the parking lot at the Malmi airport main building. Arriving via “Kehä I” you drive up the intersection “Malmi, Pihlajamäki, Viikki”, cotinue towards the Malmi airport by driving to “Tattarisuo”. You can leave your car for the duration of the flight at the meeting place. There is also a bus connection from the main railway station (line 75) or from the Malmi train station (line 77A).

The meeting time changes during the flight season so you should make a weather confirmation by phone from 13.30-14.00 p.m.

The pilot choses the take-off site and plans the flight route based on the wind directions. We proceed to the take-off site from Malmi by car. After the flight, the passengers are transported back to the meeting place. The whole trip takes about 4-5 hours.

Weather check

Please call the number +358 (0)400 937 778 on the day of the flight from13.30-14.00 p.m. This way we can confirm the evening’s meeting time and in case of bad weather we can book a new flight date. Hot air-balloon flights are dependant on the weather. With good luck you will get to fly on your first try, but you should be prepared for the fact that the flight may have to be postponed several times due to weather conditions.

Dressing for the flight

It is a good idea to dress in freetime clothing suitable for the weather and clothing which is comfortable to move in. The altitude in which we fly (approx. 300 meters) is not colder than on the ground and because we move according to the wind, their is no draft in the balloon basket. It is good idea to wear sneakers or boots in case of wet weather.

Reservations and more information about hot-air balloon flights:
+358 (0)400 937 778